Yes, You’re a Great Writer, But You Still Need an Editor

Your a grate riter!

This post is a bit different for me. I don’t normally delve into writing tips on this blog. I’ll tweet great tips I’ve picked up on other sites, but that’s the point. There are a lot of websites and blogs that tackle this.

Sites such as:

And they do an amazing job. There are so many more sites, sites that have taught me a lot about writing. And editing.

Okay, so I need to learn a few more things about editing.

And so we arrive at the point of this blog. I need an editor. You need an editor. No matter how gifted you might be,

You Need An Editor.

Even editors need editors.

Why? Because you can’t edit your own work completely.

Notice I said completely. We can take our writing to higher levels of greatness with self editing, but it won’t reach its full potential without another set of eyes. Qualified eyes.

Eyes that know, man, eyes that know.

They’ve seen a thing or two, they’ve bled, they’ve survived.

And, they want to help you through the jungle of tangled words where adverbs and filter words can kill you before you know they’re there.

This blog is a great example. I tend to write on the fly, not a lot of editing. Sure, sometimes things flow rather well. Other times…a bit more editing would have helped.

Recently, I had an album review posted on an online magazine’s site. I am grateful for the opportunity. However,

I rushed it. I didn’t edit it. And the magazine, they were kind. They liked it. They posted it. They were in a hurry, too. Needed the review in time for the album’s release.

All I can say is wow…the difference a bit more time editing would have made. Don’t believe me? You can see it here.

So, I learn. I learn to slow down. Do some more self-editing. Get another set of eyes on my writing.

Okay, not so much with the blog. But you get the point.

And, I’m an editor. Have been one for years. I’ve helped others with their stories. I do technical writing and editing every day.

We all need someone else looking at our work.

  • Beta Readers
  • Critique Partners
  • Writers Groups
  • Professional Editors

Any level of editing can help.


What about you? How do you edit? Who do you get to edit your work? I’d love to hear about it.


I would love to discuss this story and more with you. You can Contact me through email, or Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads.

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12 thoughts on “Yes, You’re a Great Writer, But You Still Need an Editor

  1. Great post! And yes, I would agree: proofreading your own work is a great idea! It also lessens the amount of work an editor can do. Don’t have an editor fix what you can fix yourself!

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  2. And where better to find a willing beta reader? Why, online of course! Fellow bloggers or fellow NaNoWriMo participants. 🙂 I enjoy the different takes on my writing, but I especially appreciate someone who’s willing to look at broader issues (tone, plot, character) and who isn’t afraid to tell me the hard things. We definitely have blind spots when it comes to our own work.

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  3. Reblogged this on authenticitee speaks and commented:
    Through blogging over the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve met some pretty cool and talented people. Russell J. Fellows? Yeah…he’s one of them. Definitely a recurring theme I hear frequently from the self published indie authors I’ve met. If you budget funds for nothing else…make sure you hire an editor!


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