Flash Fiction Friday: The Place Under the Stars


Another week, another Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Love these story prompts. Enjoy!

The place where I made you mine. Under the stars. You wore the white summer dress with the blue flowers.

Alice held the note with shaking hands, read the lines again, and stared at the two pictures below them. One, a picture of a café table with two paper cups. The other, her daughter.

“And you don’t recognize the place at all?” Detective Bryson asked.

How many times had he asked that question? Alice shook her head.

“And the names of any former lovers?”

Didn’t he get it? She’s told him a dozen times. There was only James since they were 12. Her best friend, love, husband. James, who was now dead and Megan gone.

Only the photo told Alice that Megan was still alive.

“I…” a sob suffocated the rest of the sentence.

A thought from nowhere. A memory. Last month, their trip on the coast. The small café where she had the house special. Where I made you mine. Stars were painted on the ceiling.

Alice jumped to her feet. “I know where.”


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Not sure why I’m writing stories of missing children. Maybe because it’s one of my greatest fears. I can’t imagine the anguish and terror. Or, maybe I can (imagine only, thankfully), and that’s the problem.


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12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: The Place Under the Stars”

  1. I am so glad that she was able to finally remember! Now they will be able to find her missing daughter! I understand how you feel about missing children. I always felt that same way when my children were young. I feel so sorry for parents that have missing children.

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  2. Tense story! My biggest fear too. Always tell my kids never go with people. Rather be shot than go, I say. Morbid and they laugh a nervous laugh, but you have to go there in your imagination so you don’t freeze if it were ever a reality.


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