Flash Fiction Friday: The Wagon


Another week, another entry in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Enjoy!

“When did it appear?” Deputy Bryan Jones circled the broken farm wagon. Blue sparks popped from its rusted wheels.

“An hour ago, I think.” Bobby Dennison stood against his father and stared at the wagon.

“You think?”

“Me an’ Stevie got here an hour ago an’ it was here.”

Bryan looked at his son Stevie, next to Bobby. “Did you touch it?” Neither boy answered. “Did you touch it?”

“Bryan,” Bobby’s dad spoke. “What do you think two boys would do? What would you have done?”

More blue sparks popped.

Bryan removed his hat and ran a hand over his hair. “This isn’t normal, Luke, it’s…”

The sparks popped rapidly and the wagon hummed. Bryan stumbled back a few steps and waved the others back. The boys screamed. Bryan turned to see both of them glowing blue. Luke was on the ground, not moving.

The humming grew louder, the sparks quicker, the screams more desperate.

“Daddy!” Stevie screamed.

“No!” Bryan spun, but in one last pop, Stevie, Bobby, and the wagon were gone.


If you want to read more great stories, click on the frog below:

Not sure what about this picture inspired such a story today, but I went with it. Never trust objects that seem to be out of place. Now, where could those boys have gone?


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