Flash Fiction Friday: The Greatest Treasure Man Has Ever Known


Another week, another Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Here’s my post, enjoy!

“Here?” Becky stared at the foaming pool. Names graffitied the rock around the pool.

“It’s what the map says,” John said.

“How do we know it’s still here?”

“Only one way,” John stripped to his boxers.

“Is it worth it? The water is swirling so fast…”

“For the greatest treasure man has ever known? I’ll be all right.”

He jumped, and disappeared.

Becky watched the surface. Thirty seconds. One minute. What if he’s trapped?

John’s head popped up and he pulled himself up across the pool from Becky.

“Did you get it?” She asked, fear replaced by excitement. John fumbled with a small box and opened it. He looked up at her, disappointment and confusion etched in his face. He held up a small, wooden cross.

“Wait, what?” Becky whispered. “That’s it?”

John picked up the box. “The greatest treasure man has ever known. That’s what it says.”

“Is this a joke? After all we went through, this is it?”

“I…it looks like it,” he turned the cross in his hand. “It looks like it.”


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A Happy Good Friday to all of you. Can you believe it’s already Easter? It seems the year only started yesterday. I am thankful for this weekend, though, for it’s invitation to stop and reflect.

To me, the cross will always be the greatest treasure humanity has ever known. I think many of us can think of someone heroic, who sacrificed themselves for someone they loved – but what about for their enemies? I think there are a lot of people who would do anything for their families, possibly their friends, and even still a stranger. But for those who were/are actively against you? Could I say I love someone who spat at me, violently attacked me, or thought I wasn’t worth acknowledging? Maybe didn’t care if I existed or not? I don’t know if I could.

But Jesus did. And he still does.


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