Flash Fiction Friday: The Captain and the Siren


This is my entry for the week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

“Darling, you simply must!” the Dowager Countess Baker squeezed Elizabeth’s arm.

Grand Dame Silver finished her warbling and bowed to the polite applause. Elizabeth smiled, but it did not touch her eyes, and glided toward the window next to the piano. The celebrated songstress Silver looked put out, but moved aside for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth scanned the small sitting room and fixed her eyes on him. The captain. The man of the hour, an honored guest of the Dowager Countess. This was Elizabeth’s moment. Years of plotting, of enduring the unspeakable things, things no woman should. But, she wasn’t a woman, was she? A slave, really, in their eyes. Torn from her family as a child. Groomed to be the pretty temptation for society’s elite. All because of him, and he didn’t know her.

He would tonight. Everything came to this point. With a song, and a smile, she would lure him. With a laugh and a touch, he would think of nothing but her.

With a kiss, he would feel her blade.


I had thought about going steampunk for this one, something about the picture made me go there. As I thought about an actual plot, though, this decided to write itself. Can’t really see the steampunk influence, can you? Oh well, it’s still an intriguing story. 🙂 I’m beginning to think that pianos have a dangerous association deep in my subconscious somewhere. Either they hold some mystery over missing people, or they work to help bring vengeance.

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8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: The Captain and the Siren

  1. My eyes widened at that last sentence, because I had this character pegged as a seductress of some sort, but murderess? Whoa. That is a whole new level and I’m intrigued to know how this character grows and develops. Fantastic writing, Russell!


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