Flash Fiction Friday: The Lead


Here is my story for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. Enjoy!

“I can’t believe I’m followin’ a friggin’ ball of light,” Tom grumbled under his breath. The slick, muddy forest floor made him lose his footing now and then, but he kept from falling.

“Hold on,” he growled at the ball of ever-changing light zipping ahead of him. It stopped.

Tom stretched his back and pushed back his brown fedora. Panting, he turned in a small circle. Lush green forest surrounded him. Where was that oak from the start?

He pulled out his cell phone and tapped it. An empty battery icon appeared. “Ah crap.” He should have told Meredith where he was going. But how could he? You get a lead, no matter how crazy, and you follow it. Even into a forest. Alone.

The light, now red, zipped in front of him, then away.

“I’m comin’,” he huffed. “You better be right, Tinker Bell. They’re not payin’ me to play fairy tale in the forest.”

He crested a hill, and there was the burned out shell of a car. His client’s father’s car.


I am right at 174 for this post.

Too many stories flowed for this picture, but all of them involved a fairy of some sort. Not sure why this story won, but it is what it is. Even grizzled PIs need a hand from a fairy now and then.

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