Flash Fiction Friday: The Piano Player


Here is this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers post. Enjoy!

“This is it?” Mike asked and Benny nodded.

The room stank of mildew and worse. Mold sat in the corners of the white tiled wall. Water stained several spots on the ceiling.

“Why did she leave it here?”

“She didn’t,” Benny answered. “Haven’t you been listening? That’s part of its mystery. It just shows up in random spots.”

“And we only get one shot?”

“That’s it. One play. Get it wrong, it disappears, we have to find it again.”

Mike touched the supple leather cover. Age seemed forbidden to touch it, forbidden to touch the piano underneath. He slid the cover off. Gleaming ebony and ivory greeted him.

“One shot,” he thought. “One shot for Megan.” If he failed, how long before they found it again? Another month? A year?

His fingers hovered above the keys and he tried to feel the music.

He exhaled. “Okay.” He played. One note, two. A minute passed, five. His eyes closed, he played until he felt nothing under his fingers. His eyes flew open. The piano was gone.


I am right at 175 for this post. I have to say, this picture just made the story flow for me this time around. I’m really intrigued by it, I think I might expound on this one. A lot of these flash fiction stories call for extra life, but this more than others lately. We’ll see!

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18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: The Piano Player

  1. It certainly has legs to become a whole story, Russell. Such mystery as to why the piano keeps disappearing. It’s almost as if it has a life of its own. Lots of questions spring to my mind like who are Mike and Benny and what connection do they have to that mysterious piano?

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  2. Flash fiction intrigues me. I’m a man of many words. My blogs are like research paper. I’m going to experiment with flash fiction. You are my muse of the day. You might regret it. Jim P

    Liked by 1 person

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