Flash Fiction Friday: Of Calves and Girls


Here is this week’s entry into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘ challenge.

Norman watched the bipeds pass his paddock. “Laugh,” he thought. “Laugh and point. Make those gooey eyes at me, because I’m so cute. I’m the innocent, cute little calf.”

There she was. “Oh, yes, you will do little one,” Norman snorted. The little biped female with bright red hair tied into pigtails held the hand of a larger biped female.

He would let out a little moo. She would rush to him, he would step back just out of her reach. She would have to open the gate so she could touch him.

And he would attack! Revenge for his mother, slaving away in the barn, revenge for his sisters and brothers that he hasn’t seen for far too long. Revenge!

Norman mooed. The little biped gasped. “Awe, mommy, look!” she tore away from the other biped and ran to Norman, faster than he expected.

Her hand touched his head, her eyes met his.

“What? She is…doing something…I,” he thought. He closed his eyes as she stroked his head. “Next time.”


Oh those kids. They ruin all the best laid plans. Will Norman ever be free? Will he get his revenge one day?

And yes, I thought of the movie City Slickers when I saw this picture – and so it is Norman. 🙂

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