Flash Fiction Friday: Arriving on Time


Here is this week’s entry in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

Marcus straightened his tie, smoothed his shirt and pant legs, and swore. Icing smeared the front of his shirt and pants.

“Of course,” he mumbled. The donut was a bad idea.

The plastic around the flowers crinkled as he shifted them from one hand to the other. He wiped away the icing. His heart slowed and he sighed in relief.

One disaster avoided.

He stole a glance at the arrivals board. Her train would be on time. Hadn’t changed in the last thirty seconds.

Any moment now. She’d walk through the arrivals point. He’d walk confidently to her, give her the flowers, drop to one knee, and propose.


He spun around. “Yasmine!” he croaked.

She came from the other direction. Now what? Oh! Flowers!

He held up the bouquet with shaky hands.

“They’re beautiful,” she said with a smile.

And there was something else

“You look amazing,” he said nervously.

She kissed him, and his mind clicked in place.

“I have something to ask,” he said and fell to his knee.


This was the first thing that popped in my head with this photo. Nothing like nerves to almost undo the best plans! I’m at 172 words this week. I think I’m stuck around this word range, just above 170.

What do you think? Any romantic stories you know about train stations or airports?

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