Compassion Wednesday: Because We Need Love to Break Through


I had planned on writing a different post today. Something about compassion, something about making a difference, but different.

And then I saw this video.

I’ve heard the song, many times on the radio. I like it. Love it when my kids sing with all their hearts during he chorus. But, this video.

Brings it to a whole new level.

Especially in today’s climate.

I’m a simple man. I believe in simple things. I think simple things.

One things I’ve learned over the years, simple is usually the best answer to any problem.

And love is always the best answer.

I don’t care what side of the story you’re on right now. That’s not the point. The point is, we’re not getting it.

I get the anger. Being ignored, or worse, begets anger.

Being disrespected. Being vilified. Being told that you are the problem.

Black or Blue. 1 or 99. Woman or Man. We all have our arguments.

It breeds frustration.

And so anger and frustration rip us apart.

They make us deaf to each other.

They turn compassionate people into violent mobs. They point fingers and say “this is what’s wrong with our country…them!”

But, and here’s my simple mindedness again, I believe we can change this. We can flip the script, introduce the twist, and change the story.

And all we have to do is step away from the mob, step away from the police line, step away from all of it.

See the human being staring back at us. Not the uniform. Not the stereotype. Not the racial profile.

Grasp each others’ hands. Fall on our knees. Cry out in one voice.

And love.

Love. Love. Love.

Can we?


I’m still calling on all of us to be extremists. Love extremists. We need it. Desperately.

What do you think? Too simple? Am I missing the point?
What are you going to do, today, to change the story?
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4 thoughts on “Compassion Wednesday: Because We Need Love to Break Through”

  1. Lovely post, Russell. And I agree with you that love is the basis for all the healing that needs to happen. It’s the foundation on which bridges of understanding are built. At the same time, I think we have a duty to stand up against injustice and speak for those whose voices are disregarded, especially when we have an opportunity to impact a group of which we are a part. To cocoon feels somehow complicit. So my challenge is always how to maintain a baseline of compassion when approaching those who are incapable of empathy. It’s hard.

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    1. I agree – we must stand up and speak against tyranny and injustice. However, how do we topple injustice? How best do we fight against violence? There are many, even today, who are fighting by still showing love and peace in their protests. It is when we let hate and frustration guide our actions more that justice and a change for the better that we divide more than heal. Cocooning is not the answer. Turning our eyes away is not the answer. But neither is throwing stones. As always, thank you for reading and commenting. I enjoy the prompts to think toward a better way.

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      1. Yes, peaceful protests are hugely effective in bringing change when we all join in. They’re especially effective in changing the minds of those people who fear their seats of power are threatened. I’m definitely not a fan or violence or hatred. Keeping shouting for love, Russell. ❤

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      2. And it does take both sides. Not just those protesting, but those that have built up an institution that needs to be protested. We who hold those seats of power for whatever reason or privilege need to see that the “other” really isn’t “other”, but someone who holds just as much value as we do. 🙂

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