Flash Fiction Friday: The Message


Here’s this week’s answer to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge

The sun reached its zenith and shade vanished from the canyon. Mike wiped his brow and stared down the rocky stretch before him. Shrub grass and short trees hid the canyon floor below the where he sat.

The message said to keep the two peaks in front of him and that what he sought would be found in their shadow.

That was his first problem. There were no shadows now. He’d have to wait a couple of hours before any shadow filled the canyon now.

His second problem was that he didn’t have any idea what it was he sought. The message came by text from an old number – one he had forgotten after all these years. Mallorie’s. Why had she contacted him, and what is it that she wanted him to find?

And why didn’t she drop it off at his apartment?

Of course curiosity struck, and here he was.

Hours passed, and the shadows of the two peaks stretched toward him. It was time to find out what this was all about.


I’m right at 174 this week.

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