Flash Fiction Friday: Hope Come Again


This is my entry into this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s prompt. Thanks, as always, to PJ for hosting this and also to Maria at Doodles and Scribbles for the photo.

Sand and wind dance in the street. Palm tree fronds whisper to anyone who would listen. No one was listening. Not tonight. Not any night.

Nothing out of the ordinary tonight, except that I’m awake. I see I’m not alone. Lights glow from a few houses down, and I hear the cries. Cries of pain, anguish, hopelessness. Echoes of my own heart.

But, wait! What is that I see in the sky?


So bright, so large!

My breath catches and my heart pauses. I read about such a light once. It came so long ago to announce hope had come to a world thrashing in agony.

Could it again? The world, my world, thrashes in agony. But I cannot believe it. It must be the light of another plane come to bomb us. I wait for the inevitable.

But, it does not come. The light stays still, and…and I hear something. Voices in the sky? A song. A song so beautiful. Can hope come again after so long, after so much pain?


I’m right at 173 this week.

Not a very cheerful post, I know, but a sort of prayer. Like so many of us, I feel that I and the rest of the world have failed. Failed refugees fleeing IS, fleeing Syria, fleeing so much. Not that this small piece of fiction makes up for it. I don’t know if anything can make up for watching atrocities play out on the news day after day and doing nothing about it. I don’t know what exactly I could have done myself, and I tell myself that there wasn’t anything I could have done, really, but that doesn’t erase the need. Children and mothers and fathers, young men and women, God’s own creation, cried out for the world to do something. We cried with them. We talked about it on our social media and in our circles. But that’s about the extent of it. Talk. And I’m not changing that right now, either. I feel powerless, but that’s nothing compared to how they feel. But, as feeble as it is, I still pray. I still offer this small token of hope. It’s hard to see that hope dear ones as you suffer through such unbelievable horror and tragedy like in Aleppo, but it is there. It will come. That is my prayer for you. It will come.

OK, I’ll stop depressing all you reading this now. It is the weekend, after all. Go and enjoy it. Live your lives to the fullest. Live, and create something beautiful.

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9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Hope Come Again”

  1. Great story, Russell. I wish such a light would come and bail us out, but I’m afraid it’s up to the faulty human heart to make the choice to fix the world. I hope we are up to it. This has been a horrible year. Keep spreading love and kindness. ❤

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  2. Wonderful story Russell because it speaks of hope for a hopeless world. The Aleppo situation is so incredibly sad and I have been heartbroken to watch what is going on and the world doesn’t help. I was appalled when they started using chemical weapons on the people and the world did nothing. All I have been able to do is pray for them as I watch in horror. This is definitely a dark spot in history.

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    1. It is. Unfortunately, as some have pointed out, we don’t seem to ever learn from these dark spots. We watch horrors and vow as a world united to never let it happen again…and then it happens again. Sometimes, it happens and no one pays attention to it at all…


  3. No, this is not a cheerful story, but it is one of hope and one that needs to be written, I think. Sometimes, we can’t mask the ugliness of the world in rainbows and sunshine. Your story was incredibly poignant and you managed to convey your emotions of what’s currently happening in the world through your words. Hopefully, the world will open its eyes, sooner rather than later.

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  4. What is happening in Syria is dreadful. I just can not understand why any sane person can think that it is right to kill children. It beggars belief that so many people are supplying the funds and ammunition

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