Compassion Wednesday: Reblog:Be the Church More Than 80 Minutes a Week

This first appeared on Compassion International’s blog on November 7, 2016.

There are so many things in life that I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why, every time we are far away from a restroom, one of my kids always has to “go.” I don’t understand why Luke Skywalker whined so much while living with Uncle Owen in Tatooine (“Tosche Station/power converters”… anyone with me?).

I don’t understand why, in the 10,080 minutes of our week, we as the Church put most of our resources and efforts into the 80-minute gathering and forget the rest of the 10,000 minutes of our week.


I don’t understand why my total babe of a wife still thinks that I’m hot! Other than her eyesight is really waning these days. ☺

I don’t understand why, after a stage four incurable cancer diagnosis 15 years ago, I was given five years to live and I got to wake up today. Grateful! And on the other hand, I don’t understand why, after praying with great faith for my tumors to be gone, I still have four lesions on my liver that “they say” are wearing out my heart.

I don’t understand why there are kids all over the world right now who are being sold into unimaginable circumstances. I don’t understand why there are kids all over the world that are actually starving to death.

Things I don’t understand.

Doing for One

When faced with the realities of what life looks like for a child in poverty, Hilary (my total babe of a wife of 19 years) and I felt overwhelmed. The need was too great, too much to even bear. How could we change the trajectory of a global, “incurable” problem?

I heard one of my heroes, Andy Stanley, challenge people by saying this simple phrase:

“Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”

What did we wish we could do for all of the poverty-stricken kids all over the world? Surely, we wanted to do what Jesus did and to act as His Church. Meet their needs, provide them with hope, and fill them with His love.

This is why we began our journey as sponsors with Compassion.

Read More Here


I thought this was actually appropriate to start us moving forward this week. There is a lot that many of us don’t understand when it comes to the political climate right now, but let us know get lost in it. Let us not lose our focus through the fog of fear and anger.

How can we keep fighting the good fight?

How can we ensure hate does not win?

By doing for one what we wish we could do for all. One act of kindness, One act of love at a time. In your neighborhood, through organizations like Compassion International, wherever the need may be.

It takes you and me. One day at a time. (This was the plan even without current events – because the world always has needed our actions, and always will need our actions. Helping one at a time.)


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