Story Monday: Where Do We Go From Here?


We’re all angry. We’re all afraid.

Fear and Anger elected our newest president.

Fear and anger keep half of us from accepting it.

I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Clinton. I knew my candidate had little chance of winning, but I voted for a change to the current system.

Others voted for the same thing. A change.

But, things aren’t going to change. Not the way we wanted them to, not from our government.

The “swamp” wasn’t drained – it stayed the same in congress and everywhere else.

The “elite” weren’t thrown out the door – they were given the keys.

And we’re all still angry. We’re all still afraid.

But that anger and fear will get us nowhere.

I’m a broken record. I know. I’m anti-fear. It’s what divides us. It will destroy us.

President-elect Trump will not save us.

The celebrities and protesters will not save us.

Only love will save us.

Things are getting ugly. They always do after an election. The protests now aren’t anything new:

Nothing new, but that doesn’t mean the violence is OK. It’s never OK.

The only way we’ve made it through in the past, and the only way we can make it through today – is together.

You and me. Your brother, sister, neighbor, aunt, and uncle. All of us. Together.

Stop the hate. Stop the fear. You will only destroy yourself if it continues.

Our country is not strong only because of our leaders.

Our country is strong because of its people.

It’s time for the people to wake up and realize that we need each other.

You and I can stop the hate. We can stop the violence. We can stop the fear.

We can move forward and make this a great country – make this a great world.

It is possible. What do you say?

I am calling for a revolution in the streets.

A revolution of kindness. A revolution of compassion. A revolution of love.

You up for it?


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2 thoughts on “Story Monday: Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. I still am having a hard time, Russell. I understand exactly what you’re saying, and I want to feel it, but there’s so much anxiety underlying my day. Part of it, I think, is that Trump is so unpredictable. It’s hard to find solid ground – kind of like walking on quicksand when you’re not sure anyone is going to throw a rope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m right there with you. It honestly still boggles my mind. That’s why I say that we need to be there for each other, all of us, because the leadership is so unpredictable right now. Everything that was supposedly voted against is exactly what we got in return – only more so. Our only hope is to pull together, to hold our leadership accountable, and know that this doesn’t have to be the wind that snuffs the light.

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