Flash Fiction Friday: Breaking News


This is my post for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo provided by Iain Kelly.

“News Alert 9 with Bob Howard and Monica Jones.”

“Good evening, we interrupt your regular programming tonight with news of an invasion in New Tokyo,” Monica began. Her calm voice betrayed by shaking hands.

“We go live now with Jack Trap in the News Alert 9 chopper,” Bob continued long. “Jack?”

“Thanks Bob and Monica,” Jack began. “We’re here near 63rd and Portland, on the Platinum Drive near the river. As you can see, something has risen from the waters. I should say, three somethings.”

The cameraman filled his shot with the surreal scene of three giant machines. Bulbous and tentacled. It was impossible to get them completely framed.

“The military has arrived as a safety precaution, but…wait, one of the things is moving. It seems to be raising a tentacle. It’s opening some sort of claw. I think it’s about to…”

“Jack?” Bob’s voice shook.

“I’m sorry folks, we seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. We’ll get you the information as soon as we get it.” Monica said.


I came in at 170 words this week. Not bad, but it could be better.

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Have a great weekend.


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