Compassion Wednesday: Reblog: How To Dream Like a Champion

This story first appeared on Compassion International’s Blog on August 16, 2016.

Poverty robs children of hope. Hope that tomorrow can be different than today. That’s why we’re in the dream-making business. As a product of hope, dreams are a catalyst for achieving a future filled with opportunity.

The following athletes in our Child Sponsorship Program had the best dream-makers on their side!

From the staff at their local church to their loving sponsor. From donors who provided opportunities to train to their parents who wouldn’t give up on them. God used these coaches and cheerleaders to help these athletes through each step to dream like a champion!

Step 1. As a creation of God, understand your eternal worth.


In the Philippines, Johnwel stood on the mound and whispered a prayer, “Lord, this is it. I need Your help.” Immediately he remembered a verse that he learned as a boy at the child development center: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Johnwel has a full athletic scholarship to Far Eastern University. He recently won gold in shot put at a competition for the University Athletics Association of the Philippines. Being big for a Filipino was something he questioned God about. It is to his advantage in the event, but he used to be bullied because of it. At his center, he learned to accept who he is, developed his love for athletics and was challenged to always give his best.

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