Encouraging Story Monday: It Ain’t Over Yet

Darkness rolls over the sky

The thunderhead pushes against my eyes

Grey and black blindness swallow me whole

I choke, I wretch, my body shudders and seizes

My last breath hovers on the edge of my lips

Lo, but light touches my cheek

A thin shaft of gold fills my lungs

Wider it shreds the clouds

Wider it consumes my limp form

I rise in its warmth

Carried on the currents unseen

I hear the sweet melodies

Chickadee and finch

Swallow and dove

And a voice

A voice I know

A voice I love

A voice that tells me

It isnโ€™t over yet

Hope prevails

A thorn pierced brow

Nail torn wrists

Arms envelope me and carry me

The New Day dawns

The pain sears my bones

But I live and move and breathe

I Live

And Move

And Breathe


And here is the beginning of that change I said would be coming. Story Monday is now Encouraging Story Monday. Let’s face it, I get bogged down by the constant barrage of negative day-in and day-out. We often complain about the hate in this world, and the evil we commit against our brothers and sisters, but that’s where we stay. Complaining. Drowning.

There are others out there trying to bring some encouragement, a little light in the darkness, and I thought some of what I do here should do likewise.

A little hope to start your week.

And now you know what you can do, too. If you have an encouraging story, let me know. Email it to me, or share it in the comments below. Or better yet, post it on your own blog and then post the link to your blog in the comments below. Let’s swarm the blogosphere with some encouragement.


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