Compassion Wednesday Reblog: I Want to Be a Firefighter!

This post first appeared on Compassion International’s Blog on March 15, 2016:

“My passion is to rescue and save other people’s lives,” said 19-year-old Jonathan.

Jonathan is an alumnus of the Amor Viviente Child Sponsorship Program in Honduras, and has been able to achieve his dream as a result of being registered in the program.


“As a child, I was living in the midst of a hopeless environment until I enrolled in the children’s firefighter program at the center,” he said. “I trusted the Lord and never gave up my dream of becoming a firefighter, so I pursued it. Today, I proudly wear the firefighter’s uniform and serve my community.”

Twelve years ago, the child development center staff at Amor Viviente partnered with the fire department in the community in order to benefit the children.

Through the partnership, children ages 7 to 18 years old get to attend a basic firefighter training course, first-aid workshops, and live simulations. In addition, they can accompany firefighters to visit nursing homes, participate in parades promoting the environment and provide training and orientation to schools and communities where there are no fire departments.

Every Sunday morning, children visit the fire department to start a new adventure. They wear white T-shirts with “Child Firefighter” printed on the back in red.

Read the rest on Compassion’s Blog.


Happy Compassion Wednesday everyone! I’m sharing this story from Compassion’s Blog, because I love hearing the stories of those whose lives are changed by the love of Jesus and the compassion of others. I’ve been posting a lot about peace lately, and it is something weighing heavy on my soul. It is also something that I realize can only be accomplished through the actions of those in community together and not by a government or nation ideology. Basically, it starts with me. What am I doing to make sure peace rules in my life and the lives of those within my sphere of influence? Small ripples grow. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if we all take small steps, we will soon find the distances close. Stories like this show what those small ripples can do in communities. Repeating stories like this will help those ripples grow.


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