This is my post for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. I clocked in at 154 words. Photo courtesy of Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode.

Steven ran his hand over the weather beaten stone. Loose grit clung to his hand and a small chunk of the wall broke under his thumb. He stood in front of the crumbling steps to the old tower and drank it all in with a deep breath. This was once a symbol of strength and power. It stood as refuge for Roman soldiers against advancing Bavarian hordes. Now, storm after storm after storm over all these years have done what the enemy couldn’t. Little of it stood solid, and lichen covered that little with its white and green. Only the small hold stood as immovable as it had so long ago.

Ellen stood in the hold. Steven smiled and drank her in with a deep breath. After all the storms, she stood with him. Solid. Immovable. That was their love. Built on the foundation of their faith in Christ, it could not be broken.


It’s another Flash Fiction Friday! I went a different direction than I normally do today, but this was the story that wanted to come out and say hello. Hope you all enjoy!


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