How Unknown Disembodied Voices Can Ruin Your Relationship


This is my response to this weeks’ prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo from

Orange and yellow flames licked the vintage acoustic guitar. It called to Matt. He watched it and reached toward it.

“No!” Lisa screamed. “Are you insane?”

Matt shook himself and turned toward Lisa. Was any of this sane? None of it made sense. From the moment they decided to listen to the disembodied voice, he knew sanity had left them. But, everything led to this. A vintage guitar engulfed in flames. He felt pulled toward it. He wanted it, more than he had ever wanted anything.

He never took his eyes off of Lisa, but his hand grabbed the guitar’s neck. The flames flared blue and enveloped him.


Power filled him, and sealed him away. A new voice spoke from his mouth.

“Hello, Lisa. Matt has kindly stepped aside.”

Matt screamed inside his mind for her to run, but she stood frozen. And his body stepped closer to her.

“No!” he screamed, and he heard it from his own mouth. His body stopped and he struggled for control. “Run!” he managed. She ran.


It’s Flash Fiction Friday! I went a little long this week, coming in at 174 words. Probably could have pared it down a bit more, but struggled with killing the story completely. Wanted to do more with it, but it is Flash Fiction! What do you think?


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