5 Organizations Fighting Human Trafficking and Injustice You Need to Know


This is in no way a comprehensive list of all those who have said enough is enough and taken up their swords to end injustice in this world. You can find out more about organizations like Thorn, Made In a Free World, 139Made, Human Trafficking Hub, and so many more. These organizations I’m highlighting here are the ones I’m most familiar with and most impressed with in how they’re tackling human trafficking and other injustices. What I write about below does them little justice, but I hope and pray that you’ll go and visit their websites and join in the fight with at least one of them. The problem of modern day slavery can be overwhelming, but we can make a difference. And, these are some starting places.

International Justice Mission

You can’t beat an organization that has Justice as their middle name. The things that IJM does throughout the world blows my mind, honestly. All the things that altruistic dreamers talk about, they’re doing. I’ve highlighted them a few times on my blog, especially when I reblogged their founder Gary Haugen’s TED talk and when I reblogged how their work has started a transformation in Cambodia.

But, let me not beat around the bush. If there is any organization with a proven track record on making positive changes on multiple injustice fronts, this is it. They are changing the world, but they can’t do it alone. Go to their site (click on the name above) and see how you can join them in this fight.

Compassion International

Any reader of my blog will know that Compassion International is near and dear to my heart. This is a community building, world changing organization that should be top priority to anyone serious in making a difference in the world around us. Their primary focus is on childhood poverty, but the projects they set up transform the entire community around them. And, they equip the children to be world changers, too. This isn’t an organization with a superman complex that leaves children and communities dependent on them. I’ve reblogged from them so many times that all you have to do is scroll through my past posts and you’ll stumble upon them, including The Making of a Role Model and Giving Tuesday: Life is Precious. If you scroll down to the bottom of my home page, you’ll find all sorts of links to Compassion International information. If you get nothing else from this post or my blog, I pray that you go and get involved with Compassion. They are providing the safe places for children, and giving them the tools to keep it that way.

LivingBread Ministries

This is another gem that I’ve stumbled upon and have highlighted here on my blog. I posted about them in Faith in Action: A look at LivingBread Ministries and their special Christmas outreach in my post Merry Christmas! (Yes, I did say that already…). Much like Compassion, this is an organization that is transforming the whole community. Their primary focus is building churches to provide safe places for all to gather. But, also like Compassion, they aren’t building dependent communities, they are equipping them to sustain their safe places and to create other safe places where they know it is needed. LivingBread is a smaller organization than the others I highlight here, and they would be overwhelmed with joy if you would join them in this work. Lives will be transformed for the better. The key factors that make human trafficking possible will be eliminated. You can help make it happen.

Not For Sale

I highlight all of these organizations because they are all making the necessary (and often overlooked) changes in communities in order to remove the possibility of slavery. Not For Sale is the first on my list here, though, that has this as their primary focus. Their driving force is to free those in caught in slavery and provide after care to help them transition into a life of freedom. Their three pronged strategy is inspiring, and they are a global force that is making real change. Click on their name above and you can find out all you need to know to join them in this fight. You will not be disappointed.


Honestly, Love146 is probably one of the first organizations that drew my attention to the problem of Human Trafficking, especially sex slavery. Their story of how they started is heartbreaking, but their drive to end this evil is enough to make you want to jump up and down and say “Yes! We can end this!” Much like Not For Sale, they are big on educating those like me and you in how we can battle modern day slavery, providing safe places for victims, removing victims from the danger, and equipping them for a life of freedom. Go, visit their website by clicking on the name above, and get ready to change the world.


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