A Reblog: Transformation Cambodia

photo via https://www.ijm.org/transformcambodia/

The following is a detailed look at the work that the International Justice Mission (IJM) did/is doing in Cambodia. It’s just an example of the impact they are making in this world for justice, and it’s a powerful example that while injustice is overwhelming, it can be fought and overcome. Follow the link afterward to the original webpage. The stories are inspiring.


Cambodia was once viewed by many as “ground zero” for child sex trafficking. In the early 2000s, very young children were often bought and sold for sex right on the streets, simply because there was no one to protect them.

“Abusers once trumpeted Cambodia as the place to purchase young children for sex with impunity, a place where the justice system was so dysfunctional—so absent—that people could exploit the vulnerable without fear or shame.”

Christa Sharpe, Field Office Director, IJM Cambodia

Thankfully, this heartbreaking picture no longer reflects Cambodia today. Starting in the early 2000s, IJM partnered with the Cambodian authorities to rescue victims of trafficking, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors and help strengthen the justice system to better protect the poor long-term. Years of collaboration between the government, police, courts, social services, NGOs and the public have dramatically reduced the crisis of sex trafficking and made a powerful change for Cambodia’s children. The changes in Cambodia have been remarkable.

Here we highlight 10 of the leaders contributing to the country’s ongoing transformation—women and men whose personal stories and fierce effort are proving to the world that change is possible.

Read more here.


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a Compassion Wednesday post. IJM is an organization that is making real change against human trafficking and injustice all over the world. You need to give them a visit and see what you can do to join them in their work.


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