For My Wife – A Very Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Do I write of your eyes, those blue-green sunflowers that remind me of the wonder of the sea?

Or should I praise your smile that pierces my every darkness and guides me to safe harbor?

I could ascribe to you every beauty and intelligence and kindness and wisdom, you have all in abundance.

But no. None of it seems enough. Not enough to tell you how much I love you. Not enough to explain why I celebrate this day.

Your day.

Your Birthday.

It sounds to small.

Happy Birthday.

So small.

Not big enough to hold all I wish for you.

All of the reasons I’m thankful for you.

Not the way we usually say it.

Do you know all the joy and love I pray for you when I say it?

How much your birthday means to me?

How much you mean to me?

That’s what I want to tell you.

All in Happy Birthday.

It’s confusing. I know.

I say Happy Birthday to a lot of people.

And I do wish them happiness and joy and every blessing from God.

But when I say it to you, just the same as when I say I love you, there is an entire universe of emotions and prayers and wishes packed in two words.

So, for you, today,

I say Happy Birthday.

And I can’t wait to say it again, and again, and again.

Happy Birthday.


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