Old Henry


This is in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. Photo from Pixaby.com.

Things were not going the way he had expected. The old movies of Herbie flying around the racetracks with his human were over dramatic, but inspiring. Henry figured if Herbie could do it, he could. He forgot to factor in incompetence of the humans.

When Herbie raced, it seemed that he took control. The humans were just along for the ride. When Henry convinced Frank to take a spin down old Route 66, he found out that taking control wasn’t so easily done. They came to the intersection just over the hill and Henry wanted to go left. Frank wanted to go right. The wrestling match over the steering wheel plowed them through the shrubbery and nearly into the bright green shed.

Henry hurt all over. Frank didn’t look to be hurt at all and worked to remove branches from Henry’s engine block, and Henry cursed old Herbie.


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