The Teacher


Today’s prompt is from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo from

“Good morning Dear,” Cassandra Mason said with a satisfied whisper. With affection, she cupped the hard, cold jawbone of the skeleton that stood in the corner of the classroom. “Are we ready for today? You must look your best for the children,” she dusted the clavicles and ribcage.

Two hours passed while she readied the classroom for the day. The hallway outside of the room buzzed with the sounds of young children. A bell rang, her door opened, and children poured into the room.

The day passed with children making lists of bones or pictures of the skeleton. Cassandra sighed with contentment when quiet replaced the hustle and noise. She gathered her things and walked over to the skeleton again.

With a kiss on the skeleton’s high cheekbone, Cassandra closed her and sighed. “You did well, Donny. Thank you.”

She missed having her husband in the flesh by her side, but at least he would always be with her in what she loved most.


Well, that’s not how I wanted to start the first week of the New Year! Happy Flash Fiction Friday everyone! I took ill this week, so I didn’t keep with my schedule as I wished. Hope that you’re all doing great, and we’ll see if we can get this year back on track the right way! Enjoy your Friday and your Weekend! See you all on Monday!


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