I Am Hermione

from mtv.com – or so google says.

I haven’t lost my mind. Honest.

Nor, do I reference who Hermione became as the books progressed, just this one encapsulated instance. Books and Cleverness.

What was her point here? Much more than the quote tells us. We can pour ourselves into learning something without actually touching the heart of it.

Perhaps I’m a bit out of context with what J.K. Rowling actually had in mind with Ms. Granger, but go with me on this.

A friend of mine is leaving. He’s moving away to become an associate pastor of a church in a place that he and his family once lived some years ago. The funny thing is that neither he nor his wife really wanted to live in that place again. Weather. I get it. However, he’s going because this is the path that God is leading him and his wife.

What does this have to do with the great Hermione?

I’m getting to it.

Last night we attended his ordination. Just a fancy ceremony that recognizes him as an actual pastor.

It was his speech that struck home with me. He spoke about his faith journey, and how for so long he had lived his life pursuing God and Christianity the way most of us do. Which means a lot of doing things, because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do. One day he realized that he wasn’t doing it because he loved God and Jesus, but because he was looking for his own glory, for the applause of man.

I’m probably butchering his speech, but this is what struck me.

He was, like most of us, doing the things of religion because it made him a good person and people looked at him like a good person. Oh yes, he did love Jesus, but that wasn’t his motivation. Not really.

But now it is. Now (well, some time back – as I’ve talked with him about his relationship with Jesus many times), it’s all about God. Instead of searching for his “calling” as many of us Christians do – our great purpose that God put us here on this earth to do – he’s pursuing God and wherever that takes him. Whether that’s as a pastor or a teacher or anything. The point is, where he is, each and every day, is where God has put him. Here and now. Not down the road. Not some point in the future. Not some mysterious great calling.

And I find myself stuck in that same position. Doing things to look good in the eyes of people. Books and Cleverness. I’ve read a lot. I’ve attended seminary and obtained my Master’s.

But, what is that knowledge doing for me?

People may think I’m smart, or that I may know something when it comes to the Bible, but so what? What does that mean in the long run?

My friend never attended seminary. But he’s pursuing Christ. All else is rubbish. Knowing books and Church history and all the theological mumbo-jumbo may give me some knowledge here and there, but when it comes down to it – it’s rubbish. If Christ is not completely central, it means nothing.

Jesus is my goal. Not to be like him. Not to live in a way that makes him proud or happy or anything else. Just to know him. To know him more and more every day.

I am where I am today. Tomorrow may be a different story. Today I want to know Jesus. While it is still called today.


Hello everyone! I’m back after a semi holiday sabbatical. Hope that you all enjoyed time with family and those dear to you. I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and I hope you are to. We’ll see you all around soon.


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