A Happy New Year to You



Happy New Year.

Three words. Simple, yet loaded with import and story. With those three words we begin to assess the old and plan for the new.

I wondered what I would write for this last post of 2015. Like most bloggers, I wanted to close the year with something profound or thought-provoking. But, I think I will close this year simple, like all my posts have been.

And so I pray that this coming year will be better than the one that we leave. I pray that hopes and dreams are realized, and that we all love a little better than we did.

But I pray that we not leave our resolutions for some point in the future. I want to live in the hear and now, not tomorrow.

These three songs speak to what I pray. Not leaving things for an ideal time and place, but giving it all for life and love today.

Happy New Year. Happy New Day.



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