Strong Arms of Love

Lightning split open the dark of night and the sky rolled and crashed against itself. A little girl wrapped a tattered blanket around herself and huddled on the foot of her cot. She watched the furious boiling of clouds and rain through the high, narrow window that stretched the length of the long wall. The other girls in her dormitory were tucked in their beds, some sleeping, others wrapped in blankets and pillows to hide from the cacophony.

She was told her family would come for her tomorrow, but would this storm keep them away?

No, she whispered. Nothing will keep them away. Her tattered blanket became the arms of a mother and father, and the thunder faded away. And she smiled. When another peel of thunder shook the orphanage walls and all the girls burst into sobs of fear, she smiled.


A very happy Flash Fiction Friday to you. Heard this song on the radio recently (even though it is an old song) and couldn’t get it out of my head until I wrote something about it.

The holiday season can be terribly lonely for many, but I am praying that you all are surrounded by those you love and those who love you. Christmas is a week away now, and we’re all finding ourselves buried in the hustle and bustle too often. May small moments find their way to you, so you can be held in strong arms of love and the fears and terrors of this world fade away.


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