Open Letter to the Church – A Compassion Wednesday Post

I’m reposting this today, because I feel that in the current atmosphere surrounding the United States, and elsewhere, we need the constant reminder.

Russell J. Fellows


I see you. I see the fear that has gripped you. Fear for your safety, for your family. You see the carnage and atrocities everywhere you look.

I’m afraid, too. It is rational to be afraid. It is rational to want to protect your loved ones.

But, we’re taking this beyond rational fear.

Rational fear makes you aware of your surroundings. It makes you ensure the ladder is secure before you climb to the top of the roof to fix a shingle or clean out your dryer vent. It makes you ensure your seat belts are buckled and you drive as safely as possible.

Irrational fear makes you afraid of your surroundings and any possibilities that could exist in your surroundings. It makes you buy a new house because one shingle is missing or lint clogs your vent. It makes you avoid driving.

Irrational fear makes you forget who you…

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