Morning Hunt

photo from – provided by FFfAW

Tamanoori stared at the trees. “What happened?” she whispered to herself. The Great Oak and the surrounding forest. Everything. Gone.

A luminous crust covered the kingdom her father Tekah built in the Great Forest canopy. There was no warning, no sign something was happening. It was instant. The storm roared across the sky, but it was so quick. The rain fell, and then everything was quiet. Until today. Everything seemed normal when she woke that morning for the day’s hunt. And this was what she returned to.

It had to be Juina, the witch queen of the Offélle á Santa. She had vowed to conquer Tamanoori’s people the Mèersh.

Tamanoori wept. She hoped her people had fled. But she saw no sign of them in the forest. No sign of them anywhere.

Tamanoori stood and wiped her eyes. A fire rose in her belly. It was time to hunt again.


Happy Flash Fiction Friday! This post is my response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt this week. I’m having a lot of fun lately participating. I do suggest you take a shot at it. Go visit and get those creative juices flowing! I clocked in exactly at 150 words.

This story is sort of inspired by a story I’ve been kicking around for some time now. A young adult fantasy. We’ll see if it ever comes to fruition.


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