Goats and Chickens and Cows, Oh my

From World Vision’s page. Click it to see a great video.

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift?

Have you thought about a goat and some chickens?

No, I haven’t lost my mind. Yes, my wife would love some land where we can raise our own chickens, maybe some goats, a cow or two, and so on, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Unless you have some land with chickens, goats, cows (and some horses – my daughter loves horses) that you would like to sell. For under $10.

Wait, you’re letting me get sidetracked here.

Christmas is nearly upon us. We’ve begun the Advent season, and children are relentlessly reminding their parents of the many Legos or Hot Wheels or flavor-of-the-minute toy they’ve set their hearts on.

Gets a bit much, doesn’t it?

I’m not here to bemoan the traps and failings of the Christmas season with its endless commercialism. I think we all realize it and lament it. But, what can we do about it?

Give. There is nothing better in combating the gimme gimme gimme black hole that has sucked us all in than giving something to someone who can’t give back. There are lots of ways, and I’ve made note of them many times here on my blog, but here’s something really tangible.

Give a goat and some chickens. Other animals are just as life changing, but I (OK, really World Vision) thought about where you can start. Or start looking at least.

So, hop on over to their donation page (conveniently HERE for you) and see the many ways you can turn this Christmas season around.

Bonus: Get the kids involved, and maybe they’ll be a bit less focused on that ever changing toy of the second. Maybe they’ll get in on the whole real meaning behind the holidays. After all, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. His whole life was about giving.


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