An Inspiration in the Woods


When Ellie May was three years old, she discovered we were not alone in the universe. Her brother Bobby, seven, helped her uncover the truth in the woods behind their house. In the hollow of a moss covered tree, they were there. Bright red, purple, blue and yellow. Small like her.

Bobby was scared at first, but Ellie May walked up to the little creatures and touched their hands. Warm. A warmth she hadn’t felt since that day, and a feeling she tried to recapture for the last twenty years.

She and Bobby worked for SETI, always hopeful. Now, she stood on the edge of the once majestic, now so small woods. If she could just find the same tree, would she find her friends again?

In the distance, color caught her eye. Red and blue and purple and yellow. Her heart leapt into her throat, and she ran.

This post is in response to the prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Go over and participate! The photo is from Etol Bagam from Creative Busyness. I clocked in at 149 words.


Happy Flash Fiction Friday! Hope you and your family are enjoying some time together. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like we do here in the US, I hope that you have friends and loved ones close. If you don’t, know that you are loved more than you can imagine. Even when it feels lonely, you are not alone. And, I’m not talking about little colorful aliens. Be safe this weekend friends.


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