Reblog: Giving Tuesday: Life is Precious

This article was originally posted on Compassion’s Blog on November 20, 2015. I am reblogging it this day before Thanksgiving and I am reminded for so many blessings that I take for granted, and I am thankful for the life and love that surrounds me everyday. May I share that life and love with those who may not have as much as I do.

Giving Tuesday: Life is Precious

How often I marvel at God’s creation, from the seed in ground to the stars in the sky. But how often I take for granted the marvelous creation of the human being. How our bodies are this beautiful blend of complicated organic machinery and eternal soul. How life was breathed into us.

With the knowledge that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by and in the image of a loving Creator, my heart knows – it just knows – that life is precious.

This machine we call a body is so resilient yet so easily broken. How delicate it can become when attacked by things outside of our control…cancer, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS. Things that can ravage the beautiful machine that our souls call home.

One of the facets of our holistic development of children is their physical well-being. In fact, it’s a top priority to protect these tiny little biological machines. What child can learn, grow spiritually or develop emotionally when his or her body is struggling to survive?



I hope and pray that you all have a truly blessed Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded with loved ones and reminded of the precious gift of life. If you do find yourself alone, my prayer is that this is only temporary and that you will be surrounded with those who care for you. You are loved, more than you can possibly know. Even when it feels that no one is listening, when no one cares, you are loved.


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