The Peacock Plan


This is my entry into this weeks’ challenge from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The photo is from Sonya at Only 100 Words. Thanks to everyone.

The Peacock Plan

“Oh, Look!” I tapped my wife on the shoulder. “An albino peacock.” My wife turned toward the bird with its mate strutting toward us.

There was something odd about this peacock, but I couldn’t say what it was. A foreboding knotted in my stomach.

It came closer. With a flourish, it raised its tail feathers and they unfolded in slow, mesmerizing grace.

A light flashed. Silence washed over me. A small voice wormed its way into my head, and it wasn’t my wife’s.

“Humans, I am Narcissus, and you now belong to me. Listen to me and obey my every command.”

“We live to obey,” a tinny voice from my own throat coupled with one from my wife.

“Good! Now, one of you scratch my back. I have this terrible itch that I just can’t reach, and Demeter here refuses.”


I clocked in at 140 words for this challenge. A bit longer than I normally do, but fun all the same.


It’s Flash Fiction Friday, and I think we could all use a good laugh and just something fun. Hope you enjoyed this little story, and do be careful next time you’re in the vicinity of peacocks. Never know what they’re up to.


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