The Wishing Well

Grabbed from Pinterest, don't know the origin.
Grabbed from Pinterest, don’t know the origin.

Hello wishing well, my old friend. I don’t know how friendly you’ve been to me. Day after day I come to you and lay my deepest desires in your depths, but you are deaf to my pleas.

“Hello, Thomas!”


At least I can talk with her, unlike you. Every day I ask you for love. Someone smart, funny, and beautiful. Much like Juliette. But, you never answer me.

I wonder why she comes here every day, too. She must be lonely like me.

Oh wishing well, why must you remain silent to two lonely hearts?

Do you not care?


Happy Flash Fiction Friday everyone! Hope that your week was a great one for all of you. Let’s close this week on an ironic note. Enjoy!


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