Something Strange Is Going On

For Today’s Flash Fiction Friday, I’m taking part in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s weekly challenge. Go take a look if you still haven’t done so! All the participating stories are worth it! I clocked in at 150 words.

photo provided for FFfAW by Sonya
photo provided for FFfAW by Sonya

Mark spun in circles and his eyes scanned the leaf covered ground. It was still the park, but where was the playground?

The statue of the angel was still there. But, was it different, too? He shivered from its stony gaze.

A twig snapped to his left and he turned to look. He swung his eyes back to the angel. Did it move? No, it can’t have moved. But, it was different. The hands clasped together before, not outstretched toward him, right?

A rustle. He turned toward the sound, but a prickling on the back of his neck swung his gaze back to the angel, now twenty feet from him.

Mark jumped backward.

No, this was not happening. He stepped backward away from the angel, and hit something. No, someone. He spun and a man stood there. Older, and somehow familiar. “Who are you?”

The man smiled. “I’m the doctor.”


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