A Natural Vacation – A Thankful Compassion Wednesday Post

North of Scenic Drive

So, I recently took an impromptu vacation to the southeast corner of my state. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Mountains. And forests. In my state. Who knew?

Scenic Drive heading east

These two pictures don’t do the scene justice, but it will have to do for this post. Let this just tease your aesthetic sensibilities and cause dreams of mountain streams and brisk morning hikes.

What this little trip reminded me of was all that I take for granted and what I’m thankful for. The hurry of the day-to-day often blinds me to the beauty around me, and especially the beautiful people. My wife. My children. Sometimes I get short with them. I’m definitely not as gracious as I could be most of the time. I let my own sense of priorities and what’s important cloud my vision to what’s really important. Them. Family. God’s creation all around me.

Not everyone has what I take for granted. They lack in basic necessities, and they lack in basic relationships. It’s not basic for them. It’s luxury.

Did you get that? My basics – all that I don’t even think about having; all that I just assume will always be there because it has always been there – is a luxury for most of the world.

So, I’m going to hold a little tighter to my luxuries – my family, moments spent in this wondrous world around us – and love them a little more. And I’m going to share those luxuries with those that don’t have them.

I can be that luxury for someone else. Share a little more love than what they expect to see every day. Share a little more highlight of this beautiful place we call earth. Remind them that they were created with love and that they are loved.

It will take some effort. It will take stepping back from the hurry of the day-to-day. But, they’re worth it. My family is. The world is. God so loved the world that He gave his only Son… doesn’t that say we’re worth it? He thought so.

And Compassion has a lot of children who are longing to hear someone say they are worth it. You could be the one to tell them.

What do you say?


Because of my impromptu vacation, I wasn’t around for the Musical Monday Blogfest. You can read my post about it here. I am leaving the Blogfest open until the end of the week in case anyone wants to still participate.

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