Shelter At Last

Flash Fiction Friday! And the last of my Shelter serial. I cheated a bit with this one, and I clock in at 173 words instead of the normal 100. I hope you forgive me, and I hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear what you’ve thought about this story. Next week we’ll move on with new flash fiction. Enjoy:

John knelt on the rocky ground and stared at the spot where the man in the suit disappeared.

What just happened? That was a question he was tired of asking. But, was that man responsible for all of this? Everyone dead. John stood and looked around. Was he alone now? Completely alone?

“Hello?” he screamed. Someone rescued him. God? Did God just save him? Why didn’t he save anyone else?

“John?” A voice from behind him. He spun, and there she was. Megan. And the children.

Words failed him. Sobs robbed his breath. But his feet carried him to her. His arms wrapped around her and he drank her in. Every touch. Every smell.

“John?” she whispered in his ear. “We thought you were dead…the worm.” She shook in his arms.

“We’re safe now. We’re safe.”

“Are you sure? Can we ever be safe? John, what if it comes back? What if the spiders come back?”

“They won’t, Megan. They won’t.”

“How can you know?”

“Because we’ve found Shelter, now. We’ve found shelter.”


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