Reblog: How Does the Church Offer Hope for Children in Poverty?

This is a reblog of the October 26, 2015 post on Compassion Internationals blog:

Pauline is a 38-year-old mother of two, born and brought up in the Korogocho slums, east of Nairobi, Kenya. Here, she experienced the harsh realities of Nairobi’s urban settlements. Characterized by high levels of poverty, crime, disease, political instability, ethnic conflicts and blatant corruption, children have become the biggest losers in this mix.


Pauline vividly remembers the dilapidated home that she lived in until just recently. The walls caved inwards and the roof sagged because of the weak structural support. As is the norm in Korogocho, the houses are closely knit together, with little space to move around. She was embarrassed of her home, let alone the danger it put her family in.

Read more on Compassion International’s Blog here.


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