Hope Still?

It’s Flash Fiction Friday! Woohoo!

This little serial of The Shelter should be wrapping up here soon. I think I’ve taken it farther than it should have gone, but oh well. I’ve had fun with it. Hope you’ve enjoyed it to. Now, without further ado:

“I don’t believe…” John said. His body shook. Rage. Pain. Fear.

“That this is really happening?” The man laughed. He stared into John’s eyes and growled. “It is happening, John. Have no doubt.”

The man lifted one finger. John stopped shaking. Something invisible squeezed around his limbs, his chest.

He gasped for air.

“Does it hurt?” The man stepped closer until their noses touched. “It’s about to hurt a lot more.”

“You wanted to talk.” John said in a choked voice.

“We are talking.”

“Enough, liar and thief.” A distant voice said. Unknown. Beautiful. And it filled John with hope.


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