Compassion Magazine – Fall 2015

Hi All!

For my Compassion Wednesday, I thought I’d introduce you to Compassion Magazine – the official magazine for Compassion International. It is full of inspiring stories and stories that will show you what people from all over the world are doing to make a positive impact in this world. Click on the Magazine cover below, or on the individual links I highlight. Truly, these are well worth your time to read:

Compassion Magazine Fall 2015 Cover
Compassion Magazine Fall 2015 Cover

Feature Stories in this issue:

Living and Learning – Photo Essay – “See how kids around the world balance chores and play.”

Study In Progress – Feature Story – “Piyaporn, a young girl in one of Thailand’s marginalized hill tribes, is getting the education her father never could.”

Value Beyond Words – Feature Story – “Bolivian mothers in the Child Survival Program gain life-changing literacy skills along with parenting and spiritual support.”

Keys to the Cage – Feature Story – “When a boy in India quits school to take a job, Compassion workers set out to win him back.”

From the President: The Door to Hope – Feature Story – “The ability to get an education promises a brighter future for a 10-year-old girl in Brazil.”

These are just some of the great stories you’ll read if you decide to check out the magazine. If you subscribe, you can be sure that the money will go to help children all over the world that are just like those featured in the stories and so many more.


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Looking for great stories:

$RMFC6E8 You can grab a copy of my Sci-Fi short story Alien Cafe

IMG_19031 Or it’s fantastic Sci-Fi sequel Alien Cafe: The Disconti Incident.


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