What Is Your Dream


What is your dream? What is it that you always wanted to do?

Better question: What is your child’s dream? What do they want to do with their lives?


My daughter often changes the exact manifestation of her dream for the future, but the common core of each iteration is that it must have something to do with animals.

Veterinarian, Farmer, Zoologist. It doesn’t matter. If there are animals involved, it’s her dream.

Especially horses.

My son currently wants to be a super hero, or play with Legos all his life. He’s not too concerned with the future of anything right now.

Did you have someone, anyone, walk beside you to help you achieve your dream?

Better question: Is there anything to stop you from helping your child achieve their dream?

We can’t predict everything that will happen in life. We can’t see every obstacle that might present itself.

But I can tell you that I will do what I can to make sure my children have every opportunity possible to overcome those obstacles.

Now, what if I could do something to help others achieve their dreams, too?

Did you see the picture up at the top? That’s the dream of a child we write to through Compassion.

Children all over the world dream.

This is where you collectively stop and say: “Uh, yeah, we know.”

Good. Here’s the thing, a lot of children have more obstacles in the way than other children have. My children have obstacles, to be certain, but nothing compared to the obstacles that many children all over the world face.

But those obstacles are not insurmountable.

Compassion is one organization that is committed to walking beside children all over the world to help them overcome these obstacles and achieve their dreams.

You can read examples of this truth. Check out Roni’s story. Or hop over and read how Shaira is working to achieve her dream.

There may not have been someone to walk beside you to help you with your goals and dreams. But, there is opportunity for you to be the catalyst to make the dreams of children all over the world come true.

Wouldn’t you do anything to help your child achieve their dreams? What would you do if someone with the resources beyond what you could achieve decided to help your child overcome any obstacle that stood in their way?

Be that someone. Be the one to step in and say “Come. Let’s see your dream become reality.”

It is possible. What do you say? Over on my sidebar, you’ll find everything you need to make this happen. It just takes a click.


Happy Compassion Wednesday to all of you! Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m happy to say that my post The Universal Language will also be in Compassion International’s September 30th iPad magazine. Go check it out – not just for my article, but because it’s a great magazine! Compassion Sponsors can get a print version of the magazine by clicking on My Account on Compassion.com. I have been told that this version won’t be available (online or otherwise) until next week, though. Still – check out the one that is there. You won’t be disappointed!


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