That’s How I Know

Now, this is how we start the week. A bit of upbeat to get you moving and put a smile on your face. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but start dancing to this song. Well, I know it’s not just me. You should see my six year old when this song starts playing on the radio. The boy has moves.

I shared Why I Believe on this site a while back.

Now, I want to share another story.

It’s not news to anyone who’s visited my site before that I love the study of Apologetics. It forces me to look deep into questions that I have about my faith. There is no room for believing something simply because that’s what everyone else believes or because someone I might think wise tells me what to believe. My faith is fleshed out and tested to be true.

That said, I find it funny that the core of Why I Believe is not the scientific or philosophical reasons I’ve found to explain the existence of God and the truth of Jesus.

It’s not the Ontological explanations found in the Kalam Argument or the Anthropological Principle that drive me to believe. They give me strong grounds, but they do not make me believe.

It’s not the Teleological arguments that look at the design of the Universe and of human beings that make me say, yes! I do marvel at the human body, down to the complexity of each cell – even DNA structure and operation. But my faith goes deeper than that.

I can read over the step-by-step arguments laid out in C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and nod my head to many of his statements. Including his exploration of the Moral argument and exploration of God and Evil. That isn’t why I believe.

I can even read over the research I’ve done on the question of God and Evil, but faith is what drove me to explore it, not the other way around.

My faith is much like the song above states. “I feel it in my heart, I feel it in my soul, That’s How I know…”

This isn’t emotion that Mr. TobyMac sings about – it isn’t the gooey pitter patter in our stomachs that we’ve come to associate with love.

It’s the Spirit. I Know I probably just lost those of you who ventured to read further than their initial instinct told them when you came across this post.

I believe because the Holy Spirit moves and lives and breathes in my heart and in my soul. I believe because no argument from a human standpoint will ever convince me on their own merit.

I believe because through the Holy Spirit, Jesus spoke my name.

And here’s the thing, no one will ever believe unless they hear Jesus speak their name.

So, why waste my time with Apologetics? Why spend all that effort on explaining my faith if it will not make anyone believe?

Because I do believe that Jesus whispers your name. I believe He whispers the name of every man, woman, and child around me. I also believe that there is a lot of noise in this world that makes it hard to hear him sometimes.

So, I talk about faith. I talk about reasons to believe in order that the noise will be quieter and ears will be able to hear him better.

But I don’t argue. Apologetics isn’t about arguing. It’s about giving a reason and answer to questions that I might have, or that others might have.

Because asking questions is a good idea. Never be afraid of questions.

OK. I’ve rambled enough. Go back up to the top of this and hit play one more time. Dance. And know that, yes, Jesus is dancing right along with you.


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