The Best Plan

Happy Flash Fiction Friday Everyone!

Let’s get to the story and see how John, Megan, and the children get out of the situation they’re in now. If they get out. Enjoy!

Predators hunt. It’s instinctive; they can’t help it.

And that makes one moving target much more attractive than half a dozen stationary prey.

That’s what I was banking on. I distract the monster; Megan grabs the kids and runs.

No, it wasn’t the best plan.

“Back across the bridge!” I shouted.

The beast lunged. I dodged. The children scrambled out of the water and ran; Megan behind them.

The body of the worm shuddered. It opened its maw and screamed high and piercing. I dropped to my knees and covered my head, unable to move.

And it struck at me.


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