Happy Birthday! – A Compassion Wednesday Post


I love Birthdays. Think about it.

Holidays all have their special reasons for celebration. And, they are very good reasons.

On Birthdays, we celebrate life.


We celebrate the fact that someone lives. That they exist. That they matter and that they aren’t an invisible entity that has no impact whatsoever in this world.

Now, some of you are rolling your eyes. Some of you want to click away and move on to another blog.

Some of you feel like that invisible entity that has no impact whatsoever in this world.

Lots of people feel that way.

Lots of children feel that way.

I used to feel that way. There were many birthdays that I spent without a blip on anyone’s radar.

No one should feel that way. No one.

You might say to yourself, right about now, that I’m a bit too optimistic. Sure, no one should feel alone on their birthday – or feel that the world is stacked against them.

We can change this.

You can change this.

I’m willing to bet that there is someone in your life that feels isolated, alone, and insignificant.

I’m not asking you to go buy them a pony. Or an Aston Marin DB9 GT Bond Edition.

An email or phone call or hug or anything. Anything to tell them that you’re thinking about them and that they matter. They matter to you.

Yes, we celebrate our children with parties and presents and the normal, traditional birthday trappings.

But it’s also the little things. The little things to just tell them that this is their special day and that we are thankful for who they are. Thankful that they’re part of our family. Thankful that God gave them to us and that we know them.

Thankful for their life.

And I love that we get to share this with many more beyond our small family. With the children that we are able to have in our lives through Compassion International.

We get to celebrate the lives of children all over the world.

Because, they matter. They aren’t invisible entities that make no impact whatsoever in the world. We get to celebrate their life and to tell them that they are loved and they mean something more to us than a picture or a warm fuzzy in our stomachs because “we’re good people who help those less fortunate”.

We get to share in their lives. They share their hopes and dreams and struggles and fears.

And one day doesn’t seem enough, but one day is theirs. All theirs.

And we celebrate them. Their life. Their existence.

So, go. Tell someone that you celebrate their life. Even if it isn’t their birthday today. But, when it is, make that extra effort. Because, yes, they deserve it.

And you do, too.

And then go to Compassion’s website. Find a child who would love to hear that you celebrate them. A child like this one. Make them smile.


I know it’s Thursday, but this Compassion Wednesday post was just a bit delayed. Hope you’ll forgive me.

Here’s some exciting news: My Compassion Wednesday post The Universal Language was chosen to be published in Compassion’s September 30th issue of their magazine (I was told their iPad version – don’t know if it’s available outside of the iPad). So, if you have an iPad, go check out their magazine! There will be a lot of great content!


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