Happy Labor Day everyone! And happy Story Monday!

Hope that you’re enjoying your day of rest, if it is a day of rest for you. If not, I do hope you can find such a day soon.

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But, I’ve rambled enough now. Here we go with more “The Oracle”. Catch up with last entry “The Storm” if you need it. Enjoy!

“You are not watching!”

Pain exploded on top of Aimee’s head. Light flashed in her eyes and the world spun away from her. She staggered and tried to keep her feet firm and her balance steady. That’s when something struck her knees and ended all effort. The wind rushed out of her and everything went black for a moment. When light returned and her vision sharpened, McLellan’s shriveled face hovered above her.

“Focus, Aimee. Focus. How did I bring you down? You had me in your sight the whole time, yet I moved and you did not see it. How?”

“I lost my focus.” Aimee murmured.

“Obviously. But, how? When did I move? How did I move without you seeing me?”

“Distracted,” she groaned and sat up. “You distracted me.”

“Again, obvious. Think Aimee. How did I distract you?”

“I moved on what I thought your actions would be. I moved without really watching you.”

“Good. You anticipated without watching. You moved on what you had seen before, but not what you saw now.”

“Yes, Oracle.”

“The Darkness moves much the same way it has always moved. However, it also moves where we do not expect it. You must watch it all the time. Never take your eyes off of it. Never!”

Words echoed in Aimee’s head. A constant ring of truth that slipped through her conscious mind and a world of dreams. Her eyes opened and the dream was gone. A dark cave greeted her with a subtle rumble and steady beat of rain on rock just beyond the mouth of the cave. Dying embers of a fire lay an arm’s length from her and the shadowed figure of the sheriff lay on the other side.

Aimee stood and walked to the entrance of the cave. The storm had calmed, but it still bared its teeth and showed that it could become a monster again if it chose. She watched it. She watched as intermittent flashes highlighted immense, dense, black clouds that rolled and boiled across the sky.

Distraction. The storm was the distraction. So, what had she missed. Her eyes picked at the night before her, bit by bit, and then caught on the eastern horizon. Darkness. Deep, impenetrable black hung over the peak of Tomma. All light rushed into that darkness and was swallowed.

So, the darkness was making a show of settling over the mountain on the opposite side of the pass. Another distraction, or was that it’s movement.

A storm here. Gathering darkness there. Both meant to take her eyes off where they needed to be.

Or were they?

The darkness moved desperately. It grabbed Lauren out of fear. But why? What did the girl have that frightened it? Could the darkness be frightened when it was the absence of everything?

Or was it the absence? Did she not hear the screams of souls every time it attacked her? Did it not move and think like a living being?

Another distraction?

Aimee shook her head to clear her thoughts. She had to get this right. Lauren was out there, somewhere.

Or was this another distraction?

“Stop it. Focus. Too many questions, and you’re going around in circles. Focus,” she hissed to herself. “What do you know? Focus on what you know.”

“Lauren is my charge. The darkness took her. And I have no idea where I’m supposed to go from here.”

Aimee sighed. “I trust you,” she said as she looked to the eastern horizon. “You are the One, and you have called me to this. I trust you. Guide me.” Something caught her eye. On the horizon. Something did not belong.

And she smiled. “I see you.”

~Remember, this is a copyrighted creation. See my notice in the sidebar. I would love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below and on Facebook. ~


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