Happy Friday Everyone! Today is Flash Fiction Friday! Are you as excited as I am? Let’s continue with our story “Shelter” then.

Memory is jagged and fuzzy. Broken. Lots of screams.

I call them spiders, but that isn’t exact. They were everywhere. So fast. Cities were wrapped in dirty grey silk. Choked. Lifeless. We all ran, but no one knew where to go. Children cowered and cried. Families were taken. Someone yelled mountains. A waterfall. Shelter. We grabbed the children and ran. For so long, we ran.

The present swam back to me. Katie screamed. Lots of splashes. Megan and the others in the water. I struggle, but nothing can move. I look for Katie, but only see through dirty grey silk.

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~Remember, this is a copyrighted creation. See my notice in the sidebar. I would love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below and on Facebook. ~

4 thoughts on “Prisoner”

  1. Gritty and action packed right from the first paragraph! It’s a little confusing at first but given the theme of this short, the feeling further intensified the gripping effect of the story. Nice job as always, Russell! Looking forward to your next work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Does it make sense when coupled with the other installments of the story? They’re all flash fiction, but this is the 4th (I think) “episode” of the story. If you go back to other Flash Fiction Friday posts, you’ll find them.


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