Still Streamlining

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update – I’m continuously changing my website. It’s a growth thing…at least that’s what I like to tell myself. As I get more comfortable with the blogging world and I find better ways to do things, or ways that are more consistent with who I am, I will change. Change is good, I think.

That said, what did I change? I deleted my “Your Stories” page. Yep. It’s gone.

Wait? Does that mean that I don’t want your stories?

That would be a resounding: No!

I DO want them. However, instead of having some off-shoot page to highlight them, I want them to be part of my Story Monday posts.

So, this is an official, but not too formal, call to send me your stories. They can be fiction or non-fiction. They can teach us a lesson about life, about you, about the world, or something to just make us laugh or cry or sit on the edge or our seats. That’s the thing – they’re your stories.

As usual, to send me your stories, visit my Contact page. Email me your story, a bit about its background, and a good bio for you (and where readers can visit you).

Sound good? Good. Then I’ll see you soon.


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