The Rejection Letter – 100 word Flash Fiction

borrowed from - don't know the site that well, but the image was perfect.
borrowed from – don’t know the site that well, but the image was perfect.

God opened the letter he received from a publisher for His book.

Dear God,

I wanted to say that while I enjoyed your book, I’m afraid we’re going to pass on publishing it at this time. There were many riveting parts, but there seems to be one niggling problem throughout the book we find the current audience will not believe. The whole idea of a supreme being creating everything is asking far too much from the reader when it comes to suspension of disbelief. Current bestsellers focus on everything beginning with chaos. Much more believable. Hope this finds you well.

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11 thoughts on “The Rejection Letter – 100 word Flash Fiction”

  1. A nice, quick read, and quite spot on with the situation of the real world in general. What I like best about this is that it leaves quite an impact in my opinion, even in just a span of less than 500 words. Though I think it would have been a nice touch if you’re able to add a closing remark and the sender at the end to make it a more realistic letter. Still good job and hope you keep writing!

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      1. Indeed! I have to say, I admire your restraint. I could never write below 100 words. The temptation to go beyond is too powerful! *laughs*

        Well, I think you’ve delivered the message well enough without the closing remark and it works well enough. But who knows? Maybe in the future, if you go back and read it, you can edit some lines so that a closing remark and a sender line can fit the 100 word bill.

        But no pressure, because I can’t see how to from my standpoint! ^_^

        Enjoy life and keep on writing!

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