The Experiment Part 17: The Close

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a safe and fun weekend. We had a great time, but it’s back to the normal schedule (in lots of ways) this week. This also brings me to the point here: This will be my last entry in my little experiment story. For those of you confused by the title – yes, it had nothing to do with the contents of the story. I called it the experiment, well, because it was a free writing experiment for me.

What are you views overall? I thought it was pretty anti-climatic. Not too sure about the pacing or fleshing of my characters. Oh well. I wanted to see if I could write a story without any plan in 10 minute flashes. Did I make a story? Structurally – I would say no. Still, it does have a good basis that might become a story later. We’ll see.

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Now, for the story. Enjoy!

The Experiment (Cont)

“I still don’t understand,” Kate stared up at the canopy of the mulberry behind the stone bench that wrapped around its trunk. She sat on the bench and leaned back against the tree. I stood just a few feet from her and looked over the manicured lawn.

My new home was a large estate with grounds landscaped with the sole purpose of bringing tranquility and peace. The house, more a castle in my opinion than a house, was neo-gothic in architecture. I’m not sure if that was a wise decision considering this was a hospital for people, like myself, who might hallucinate. Funny thing is, they try not to rely so heavily on medication here. In emergencies they use what they need to use, but traditional treatments are far from the norm here.

“I’m not sure if I understand, either.” I say. I can’t help but stare at her. Alive. Beautiful. Sad.

“Could it really happen this fast? I mean, there was nothing wrong with you a week ago. Now, just like that, you’re in some nut house?”

“Kate,” I look around to see if anyone heard her. The closest person to us would only be able to hear if she yelled.

“I don’t know what to tell you. I saw you die. You were dead, in my arms. Dead.” I shudder at the memory. Memory. Funny. Can it be a memory if it never happened?

“And, God showed you all of this? God showed you that you were losing your mind and you needed to come here? He showed you that everything was a hallucination, or whatever?”

“Hard to swallow, huh?”

Kate scoffs, wipes away a tear from her cheek. “You sure he wasn’t a hallucination?”

“Does it matter? Maybe what I saw was. Still, I do think he actually spoke to me. I’m here, right? Here and getting help before things got really bad. What if I continued to ignore it? What if I did something to hurt you?”

Kate stood up, ran to me, and wrapped her arms around me. “I’m scared, Robert. You’re mother was in a place like this.”

I hold her to me. I don’t ever want to let her go, and my mind goes to my mother. To my conversation with God. To what I learned. “Not a place like this. They didn’t understand enough back then.”

“And they do now? I don’t want to lose you.” She cries harder.

“There are demons, Kate. But not everything bad that happens is because of them or anyone. My dad was right. This world is cursed and bad things happen, but one day…one day it will all be made right. All of it. I saw demons, so did my mom. For us, though, they weren’t real. No one could help her, though. Dad didn’t know what to do. She thought she had the answer, the only answer she could find.”

“And now?” She looks up at me. Her eyes are red and puffy.

“She’s home. Just because this cursed world took her mind, doesn’t mean it took her soul. Once a child of God, always a child of God. Nothing could change that.”

“What about you? What if they can’t help you here? Will you see that as your only way?”

“No. I don’t think so. I have a lot more hope now. Hope in what we know. Hope in the love and support I have with you. I don’t know how bad it will get. I don’t know how much of me this world will steal, this disease. I can’t say. But, I have hope.”

“Okay,” she buries her head in my chest again. “Okay. I won’t let you give up on that hope. I won’t.”

I kiss the top of her head. No other words came to me. What more could I say? What more could I ask for? I had hope. Strong hope.

Times up! Story is done. Would love to hear your thoughts.

~Remember, this is a copyrighted creation. See my notice in the sidebar. I would love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below and on Facebook. ~

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